The Story Of Weight

Weight was an indulgence of the rich and famous hundreds of years ago. Then the average persons weight was close to the natural weight for their bodies. There is still a natural weight for your body and the accepted weight for height guidelines are only that. guidelines!! different bone structures can be acquired from the nutritional patterns at youth and from genetics. Otherwise how could two people of 170 cms be parents to a child of 190 cms. So we accept that there are a number of factors which come into play in relation to weight. It is also common for weight to increase with age until that point where bioenergy starts to decline. This is often around 70 but in these days of topsy turvy nutritional effects that can now vary by twenty years. The weight then should start to go down but slowly. The classic art renditions of a ladies body were reasonably accurate. So this puts the current weight for height expectations out for various age groups.

Nevertheless weight is going up every year on average. Obesity is in fashion. If it was not for the proven fact that the amount of sickness in life often varies in direct proportion to the amount of excess weight, then it would not matter so much.Weight gain started a little after the establishment of the major junk food companies and has proliferated with the expansion in the number and multiplicity of such companies. Their effect has basically been to preside over the acceptance of higher levels of white sugar and flour with soy and corn products.

The reason they have done this is directly profit driven and is the logical outcome of marketing. These ingredients are the cheapest of all food ingredients. So the logic of profit is to use as big a percentage of these ingredients in whatever product is sold. Sugar has the added advantage of being habit forming or addictive. The companies are not out there to make everybody fat. But they are very protective of their efforts to make their food healthier, even when they never do. So we all listen to their advertising and buy the food which makes us fat. Supermarkets are also contributing as shelf life enters the economy of sales. The most expensive food to sell is food which perishes quickly. So there is a gradual transition within the supermarkets to foods which can be stored easily until they are purchased. This allows modern transport systems to function efficiently. Economics rules and we all follow along and get fat.

So the time has come for at least some of us to decide not to go with that system any more.There is another system and that relates to stable weight and growth patterns and of course with that comes good health.That is what this website is all about. We did the hard yards for twenty years or more and in fact are still doing it.Weight stabilization is a science. I can gain 5 or ten kilos by becoming neglectful over a few weeks and then can return to the right weight whenever I wish.

Interesting thing is that the flavors and enjoyment of the foods which restore health and correct weight are exciting and comfortable. i must admit the addiction to sugar is the hardest to beat and cooked or processed food as a whole is the strongest addiction. Stronger that cigarettes or alcohol mostly because people do not recognize that they have an addiction.

I saw my good friend Matt today. Fifteen years ago he was twice as fit as me and probably just as healthy. Now he has trouble getting up three steps. Daily pain and suffering. So if I try to tell him how to get healthy he will say “sorry I love my food too much”.
So move on to the next pages and find out what this is all about.