The Signs

The signs
This is interesting there are signs all along the way as you lose weight because you will also be getting healthier. So think back to the process of getting unhealthy. Every time you did something such as eat a load of fattening foods your subconscious told you do not do this but you did it anyway and sometimes even suffered a little for your trouble. remember all the times you got flu or a cold or some other ailment.
Now think you are reversing everything you have done wrong so do you think the process will be any different. The body will go through many changes to get back to where it should be. And there will be many little detoxes along the way. A cold is a form of detox and so are some of the conditions diagnosed as flu. Your skin is an organ of elimination and so is the nose, throat and so on. Each of these can put on a little performance as the body clears the junk out.
This is one of the reasons we have established a membership program on this site. It has a mentoring function. You are learning about your body in this process and so it helps to have a mentor there to keep feeding useful information and explaining why your body is reacting the way it is. The mentoring program is only $50 per month and you will receive weekly emails about the progress you should expect, additional tips and study material. You also have an email connection which will be promptly answered. So you have someone who has done it to guide you through the tough times.
More to come……..