So if you have come from the signs page you will have read about the membership program. Well we are not pushing this, just letting you know it is there. No ten meter long sales page. Just letting you know it is there and what function it serves. progress is one of those areas where the mentoring is very helpful. Sometimes progress is a little slow or there is a minor setback and mentoring is often what gets you through it. Progress will be noticeable within a couple of weeks and from that time the weight will steadily drop if you are sticking to the program. The fact that you are concentrating on higher portions of live foods will keep the elastins in the skin working and you will not get that saggy look in fact often the skin appearance precedes the loss of weight. The increase in exercise will tone the muscles a little and so watch the mirror and not the scales. Muscle weighs more than fat.

Now the movement of the decade from the highest authorities is to increase the intake of fats. Not any fats but the general consensus of opinion is that Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, butter, flaxseed oil and the fats to come from bone broth are the only ones ticked by all at this stage. Bone broth is highly nutritious and normally created by simmering beef bones in a pressure cooker for four hours after bringing to the boil. Blend with a large tablespoon of raw liver and one or two handfuls of Kale, spinach or any home grown green leafy vegetable. Drink as a soup or broth. If you make a large batch which is sensible the spare broth can be frozen in take away food containers and warmed for serving when required.

It is not as fast as some other programs but the cells begin to adopt their natural state from fat cells to the originally intended cells for each part of the body, wherever they are needed. The amount you eat is similar so the body does not think it is starving. It does not store as fat.

As you get to the 4-6 weeks mark you will start feeling better and have more energy. Aches and pains will be starting to leave your body. It is a good idea to fill in our health check form before you start the program. We will ask you when you join. it is amaZing but we forget all the aches and pains and minor illness once we get well. This is because in the scheme of things we are meant to be totally healthy. We are designed to be healthy. So understanding your progress is very important. Fill the healthcheckform in every two weeks and download as a pdf. The program on that website allows you to do that.

What about the vices. well you will have been advised to go off drinking and smoking for the duration of your program. These addictions along with cooked food are crutches. As humans most of us think we need some support but in fact we do not. The mind can let us down and of course a reason for this is poor nutrition to the brain. If it is not up to the task there is normally a reason because again the human brain is brilliant. Totally brilliant. So the drinking ads sugars to the digestion which is counterproductive and the smoke clogs up the system so the cells take much longer to convert to non fat cells.
More to come