Now you have probably done this once or twice or maybe even hundreds of times before. So what went wrong? Actually nothing although the result matched the effort. So this time it will be different. Concentrate on that and observe each and every aspect of this program which is logical first. In these days of technology logic still works. If you think about that and as you go you will observe that there was often a lack of logic in all the other methods. you cannot force your body to do something that is logically bad for it and expect a positive result at the end no matter how much technology is used. There was always only one design for the human body and how it was meant to function. Agreed we are all different but the differences are minor adaptations due to geographical and climatic effects on calorie burning and available foods. Thats right go back to basics. Prepare yourself for that!

First step is to be comfortable. Know that you are beautiful and can be even more beautiful. Ok maybe handsome for the guys. The perception of beauty established by the media for the purpose of making sales is not the one that the subconscious uses in the day to day appreciation of other people. We still assess a collection of features and external appearance is just one of them. Each of us is more worried about how we look than anyone else is. But there is a formula for good looks and weight is part of that. Again logically it comes from the health connection and there is a healthy weight range for each and every body. Within that range the skin and features can be radiant. Outside that range it is unlikely. Within that range good health is achievable also. So if we are about to lose weight why not allow ourselves to get healthy at the same time?

So allow yourself to get comfortable. I know the world ls full of problems and particularly your world is full of problems but the fact is that some of the worst things have already happened which means it is a waste of time worrying about them. Other problems may not happen so gradually bring your worry list back to the now!! Then imagine that every ailment known to man can be reversed as long as the good doctors have not removed body parts. You are now a long step closer to the truth. Negative emotions generally cause weight gain and positive emotions assist weight loss.

So what are negative emotions. Well some of this is a bit hard to swallow as you are probably not prepared. So take a few deep breaths and get ready. And believe me it makes a difference. Show me someone who has a weight problem and I will show you someone who has a reason. So as you relax and get comfortable think about those negative thoughts. Even disliking somebody is a negative thought. Then any type of aggressive thought fits onto the scale. So where does the scale stop? Love is obviously the most positive thought. Then productive thought patterns, appreciation of beauty in nature. Make up your own list positive and negative and everything in between. So start working on the list to reduce the negatives. For those that have caused you grief the answer is forgiveness. Hard but not impossible. We have a whole website about that check it out.

Then about your self, your life. We all make mistakes, we all have moments of life that are less than enjoyable some of us even years. So what do we do about this. There are many places to get help but follow this plan first. One serious angle which has changed the lives of many is the acceptance that you have achieved!! So check through your life and select the achievements. Does not matter what they are or even whether any one else noticed them. This is based on your own perception of the value of your efforts. A similar approach can be adopted in relation to those things that have happened to us. Concentrate and enjoy the highlights of your life to the point that you gradually forget the lows. It is almost a case of reprogramming yourself but the further you go with this the easier it becomes.

So the next concentration of the mind is about the logic of our program. Certainly as far as the nutritional aspects go there are a series of basic life fundamentals which come into play.
More to come next week