First step is to try to get relaxed. Some of us can do that easily, others need a little help. If that is the case Reiki is helpful always and of course massage. Not enough money? But you have a partner or a good friend. Seriously buy any book on massage and follow the instructions! The human body is designed to be massaged thats why we have all the pressure points all over us. There are hundreds of methods and all of them have a positive effect on the body. There are also relaxing herbs and teas. Go for a stroll up and down the aisles of the local health food store, just look and ask questions then try the products that you think may help. Turn the telly off and sit and think awhile. Concentrate on relaxing. Some of the stresses are unnecessary as once something has happened there is very little we can do about it and if it has not happened worrying about it tends to lock in the probability that it will happen. So everyone can reduce stress and depression and that is the first step to weight loss. The acceptance of stress and worry seems to be expected of us and the most trivial things annoy us. So what the heck? So analyze the trivial annoyances and dismiss them for what they are. A waste of time and effort! We will go into a lot more detail on this site and in the membership channels in the near future.

Next step is to think about your eating habits and how they relate to your comfort and digestion. If something bloats you or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way think about reducing or eliminating that from your diet. Now everybody knows a list of foods that are fattening. Everybody knows that fast foods are fattening and any advertising about them being healthy is just lies. We all know that soft drinks are probably the most fattening of all and yes especially the “lite” ones. They use a slightly slower series of metabolic processes to make you fat. You just drink them to get fat and drink water to get thin. Wow that is easy and it will save you a bucket!! Now you will not need to be Einstein to realize that food companies are driven by profit. Now if you could make cars out of seawater all the car companies would do that because it is cheap and so the profits would be higher. So if you are in the food business the cheapest ingredients are sugar, white flour and soya products. So making edible products out of these ingredients that taste ok gives the highest profit. Problem is that these three ingredients are also the most fattening. Everybody knows that. The governments try to tell us but they need revenue from successful companies so they have to go easy on the subject. Add most overcooked animal fats to that and you have the recipe for fat, fat and fat, This includes dairy. Although strangely enough if the dairy is not pasteurized it does not tend to make you fat. Pasteurization is a form of cooking.
Think about that for a while. We know they make you fat!! No questions or very few about that. Now there is no advantage to go to lite or fat free because most of this is obtained with the use of chemicals but leaving the taste the same. Just sit down and think about this for a while. Processing degrades nutrition in food so much that the “food” is no longer food.

Spend some time observing fat people and you will see that they eat a high proportion of the foods we have just listed. Check out the shopping trolleys. So shortly we will make a list of the things you should cut down on. The secret is in the percentages. So if you cut out 100% of these foods your body will reduce reasonably quickly. But maybe 50% of your previous usage will work. If you do not buy it you cannot eat it. Basically at home your fridge and cupboards should have very little of these or associated foods.

But you must eat, getting hungry can make things worse as your body thinks it is going to starve to death. So it stores food away as fat. You can eat as much as you like of uncooked fruit and vegetables. Fruit is nice on its own and vegetables as salad is great with a little meat it is quite satisfying. Keep the salads simple at first mixed greens with tomato, avocado and shredded carrot. Throw in a few olives for extra flavor. Some extra virgin olive oil with apple cider vinegar for the dressing. So buy even more food in volume but cut down as much as you can on the listed foods. Fact is of course most of them should not be called foods because they have such low nutritional value. they just make you fat. And a similar volume of fruit and vegetables is actually cheaper.

Now remember that you do not have to be permanently off all those things that you think are nice. Weight management is meant to be a comfortable process where you get to the weight that you feel is appropriate for your body. You do not have to look like Twiggy. Relax and enjoy the process. You cannot rush it anyway as your body cells need to change their memory from fat to functional. It is a biochemical change that lasts forever with a little sensible maintenance. This is a process that takes at least three months according to the best biochemists. So there is a relationship between the percentage of fat foods you eliminate and the time it will take to get to comfortable.

Who forgot about exercise? Once again we all know this stuff.
And once again it is a percentage thing. Increase exercise by 20% to 50% to be safe and do it slowly so you will feel great and not stuffed. Walking is good for most people but there are many avenues such as golf, yoga, swimming and so on. In fact a variety is always better than one specific exercise. We have experts who you can ask and there will be a number of articles and even connected websites which will help with the exercise plan.

Now this information is free and will continue on this site in more and more detail for your benefit. There is however a membership channel which you can join which uses the same information in a little more detail to suit you particularly. It is mostly applied mentoring, which gives confidence and motivation on a daily or weekly basis and helps with the fine tuning of the eating and exercise regime that you select. We suggest that this will benefit for the first 12 months or shorter if you are in a hurry. Also there are hints of the best natural practitioners to see for extra help such as supplements, massage, nutritional advice etc. The membership program is $49.95 per month and goes towards the maintenance and running of these sites. So you will be helping not just yourself but lots of others as well.