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the weightloss pages. Now we are getting serious and this is the site to do that!! Here we have a photo of our establishment coordinator John, who is known also as johnthesailor. Check out for some exciting information adventures. But back to weightloss and John is making a deal with a very beautiful Philippino lady, Rochelle. The deal obviously is about weightloss but healthy weightloss so we will be sharing her progress and the details of all the do’s and dont’s involved along the way. The girl has 6 months to get to appropriate body weight for her build. Now this is a technical point which we will not dwell on but you are welcome to make comments and we will post the good ones in this article. We see the subject as the judge so when the lady is comfortable with her body weight she will tell us. This typically occurs when the weight loss slows down. The Rochelle does not have a slim frame so will slow at a higher level than others who obviously should be slim. Healthy weightloss always targets the appropriate body weight and that body weight gets a tiny bit higher with age. Rochelles job is harder because she works for a catering company who specialise in functions. As you can see Rochelle is very pretty so the little weightloss is going to make the progress and viewing quite exciting.

ACTION Month 1

May letter to members.
Sorry for all the delays but here we are again with hundreds of members seeking answers and of course the answers are in the website pages but to present the information in such a way that everyone can understand it is very hard.
2016 Weightloss program
So for this year we are running our first weightloss program and each month you will receive an email in your inbox letting you know what is the next step to take. All the major steps will be included in the first four emails and the rest of the emails will contain fine tuning information which will enable you to achieve exceptional health as well as the weightloss you are now seeking.
This letter will outline the first steps and explain each reason for the approach as we go. It is important that everyone understands the reasons behind the program.
Weightloss and gain does depend largely on the food and drink we consume and the amount of exercise. But strangely it is not that easy as we have all found out when we have tried to lose weight in the past. we have been able to lose weight following many of the diet types but always stacked it on again. So the secret to getting results is contained in our Program. Naturally we have tested the program with only good results. Weightloss which is sustained forever!
So why all the fuss? Weightloss actually depends largely on the hormonal system in the body. The thyroid connects directly to every cell in the body and basically defines the thermal qualities and general reactions of the cell. When the thyroid runs slow the message of normal is not getting through and this happens because our food quality is poor and we get problems such as irritable bowel, leaky gut and disruption to our immune system which is predominantly in our gut. It is interesting to note that the bacteria in our gut should outnumber the number of cells in our bodies by 10 to one. Quite different to our common perception. In this program we will work toward quality of gut flora which refers to the bacteria. digestive improvements and correct function of the elimination system. So you should have no pain or discomfort in the stomach once you get a month or two into your weightloss program.
Why it all takes time!
Well there are a couple of reasons why it is better to take the time to lose weight. Remember our program is designed so you do not regain the weight so obviously loose skin needs to be avoided by exercising in tune with the change in diet. Exercise still burns calories and cold burns calories and this is part of the program. Another problem which constantly escapes the research is the location of toxins in the body. A long connection with bodybuilding has exposed the risks of high fat and toxic buildup in the organs and glands of people with exceptional body tone. This has often led to heart attacks and organ breakdown in people who looked very healthy. Ok so our program encourages the body to detoxify as you lose weight. Our program is therefore much safer than most weight loss diets which do not include foods which detoxify.
Where to start
Now there is a little story before we reveal the first steps. My very lovely friend Elna comes from the province of Camotes Island in one of the small towns. The Philippino food was always just enough and consisted of local fish or chicken with a cup of rice and vegetables. Many coconuts and a few other fruits. They were always jealous of the kids in the city during their visits. Those kids were eating cakes, biscuits, bread and sweets while the country kids just had the occasional treat. Elna and her sisters and brothers have advanced to their forties and enjoyed good health to this age at least with no hospital stays. Now this was not exceptional where children have developed on a good basic diet, but these days more and more young adults are hospitalized for serious diseases. The likelihood of nine city starters reaching their forties without sickness is zero in almost all countries.
So those of you who have detective abilities or watch the installments of Shirlock Holmes will already have observed that Sugar and wheat flour are the two primary destroyers of healthy bodies. So let us explain that.
Sugar first is in almost everything but there are various types of sugars with a range of digestive reactions. And of course sugar as glucose is our basic body fuel. Originally sugar was a treat to the hunter and gatherer when they found a bee hive or berry bush in fruit. The community would take advantage of the sweet taste and the sweetness would be gone. Sugar beets and sugar cane changed that and more recently high fructose corn syrup. The progress we make is reflected in the deadliness of the product. A bottle of coke contains around a half a cup of sugar. Sugar in the body creates inflammation and tends to block the absorption of many vitamins and minerals. We will go deeply into the negative health aspects of sugar later. You might ask what the intelligent human species does with the positive health aspects of sugar! Well that comes out as molasses and we feed it to the cows!!
So wheat has followed a similar path it was originally a useful grain made into some wholemeal breads which were fermented for a little while. Sourdough bread is still around and Spelt is very similar to the original wheats. Wheat itself however has gone through a long process of genetic selection and so the wheats available today bear very little resemblance to the biblical grain. From 6 chromosomes to around 28 it is competing with the human count. The worst part of wheat is gluten and its particular version is wildly destructive, causing ongoing problems with the digestion of other less harmful glutens. You do not have to be a coeliac sufferer to be gluten intolerant. A high percentage of people are gluten intolerant and do not know it and it causes often what is called leaky gut syndrome which causes autoimmune problems and then affects the thyroid causing such annoying symptoms as.
Skin conditions
Hair loss.
Chronic Fatigue
Depression Mild to suicidal
Womens conditions such as Polycysticovarian Syndrome
And more
THE ANSWER IS YES This can mean that if you have any of these or hundreds of other annoying symptoms, they may just go away once you get into the program. So make sure you tell us about it!
Ok so thats it for this month May 2016 just give up all sugar and wheat. That means 100% of sugar and wheat! You think it will be hard then just follow the old asian diet or ask us for a diet sheet.