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Welcome to this wonderful website. This site came about as a result of many years of research into weight stabilization. The information is also being made available in the website weightbookforteens.com. This has been a very important project as for 60% of western populations there is a major problem with weight and the amount of misleading information is massive. Here the information is free and honest. It is also logical as the obvious history of weight problems show that it was only ever a sign of excessive living in the past and so applied to a very small percentage of any population. For the last 40 years the problem has been growing and extending to the children and teenagers of this world.

So why is this happening when all the foods are labelled “healthy”?

So why do all the thousands of diets not work?

If we go back to logic we begin to find the answers and the big answer is weight is a manifestation of life itself. So we have to get to understand our bodies and what they are telling us. Then repair what is not right. All the supplements under the sun will not do this and diets which change our basic intake of nutrients only make it worse in the long term.

So the practice of understanding the body is the one that works. we are not the only ones doing this although our research was done independently of all the others. Our conclusions are the same as a small number of independent weight control business.

So how do we start understanding and implementing the results?

This website takes you through the whole process and for free! Our offer then to you is to mentor you through this process, giving additional guidance at every step of the way. For this service there is a small fee per month. So when you are done reading this page, check out the membership program and see how you can achieve the perfect weight for your body, more energy and clearer thinking come naturally and the ability to easily give up the habits which are actually crutches such as smoking, drinking and drug taking. There is more!! Your body will be healthier because your immune system will restore to its intended capacity and your joints will feel and perform better.

Ok the process does take some time but 90% of people with a problem are on diets which will never give them weight stabilization anyway. No matter how long they are doing it.

Cheers from John
Healing is here to stay